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Blogging Tips

Doesn’t everybody want their blog to be successful and have more viewers? In this post, I am going to share some blogging tips everybody should follow! If you truly want to be successful and begin to gain more traffic on your website, check out these blogging tips I am about to share with you. Now, in the beginning, blogging can be frustrating if you want the traffic immediately. Here is my first blogging tip, have PATIENCE, and learn the correct structure to blog and stay on the subject. It is going to take time to build an audience. That is okay, you always want your blog to have quality content and media rather than just writing a whole bunch of different blogs and posts. Blogging Tips 101 QUALITY OVER QUANTITY. Yes, maybe you think that the more blog posts the better, that is true however only if the blogs are quality.

Keep in mind, nobody is coming to your blog to read something like a dictionary. You want to keep your viewers engaged. Adding media is a must. That naturally attracts the human eye and when Google indexes or “reads” your blog post. Make sure to use relevant heading tags. Your H1 tag should aline with your permalink and subject the blog is about. Try using a unique and specific headline. The headline is the first thing your viewer would see so you want to pull their eyes to you!



You must have your media relevant to your subject. If not, Google will get confused and will not help your Google ranking, maybe even “doc” you. When you add a picture of a video you must always include an “alt” tag. What is that “alt” tag you are talking about Dan? Simply, alt means alternative, for both Google to know why and what it is, or if it perhaps doesn’t load than your alt tag will show instead.


Having Search Engine Optimization is crucial. It is crucial for every little aspect of not only your blogs or pages but all links that are inbound or outbound. SEO can get really, REALLY confusing. Luckily, Yoast SEO is only one of the plug-ins available to help direct you with the most optimization and get higher in Google rankings. Using WordPress Plug-ins is the best way for not only a beginner but everybody. For anybody to have success, you MUST have your pages to be clean, modern, and customized. If you do not have a clean and easy to read the post, then you will not look good for Google. Even worse, nobody will even know you exist!

Social Media

SUPER DUPER IMPORTANT, using social media to your advantage. Nowadays everybody has their face on their phones mostly using social media. Use this to your advantage. Share your posts, try and gain, and internet presence as much as you can. The Facebook platform is more of a social platform rather than LinkedIn is more of a professional platform. Not knocking on either, both have their purposes and can be very successful. Personally, I use LinkedIn daily. For me at least, more relevant contacts are through LinkedIn. Whatever works best for you is what you should use. There are more and more social media applications so why not take advantage of it for you to get out there. You need to be heard and get in front of as many people as you can.

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