Why WordPress plug-ins are so amazing

WordPress is my personally favorite platform to you. It has many plug-ins available to use, although plug-ins can cause major problems as well. In fact, if you install a WordPress Plug-in that is not compatible with your theme. You must choose your plug-ins carefully. Ill give you an example, you choose to install Yoast SEO and Squirrly SEO which now will cause confusion on your {{website designer}}. The {{website designer}} may not know what to use, give you different results about your SEO or worse, break your {{website designer}} in total. I have gone through this several times actually. It can be extremely frustrating, but do not just give up. What would giving up do for you beneficially? Nothing for you in any way! 

What does a 404 error mean?


You have many options if all of a sudden you cannot access your {{website designer}} or it may show a 404 error. A 404 error means that the page you are looking for can not be found on the server. Not a good thing! Not only does your {{website designer}} not be found on the server, Google can not find your page to index and will hurt your SEO and have broken links. That is something extremely important when trying to optimize your WordPress {{website designer}}. The most simple and easy way to fix this is to simply contact with your web hosting site. Most of them have instant chatting available and they can help you try to fix your problem. They may try going in through the back-end and disable the plug-ins you are using. Usually that’ll work because that is a very common issue. As you are able to get in through wp-admin you will need to carefully examine what plug-in broke your {{website designer}}

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Why shouldn’t you have so many plug-in’s?

Now, having too many WordPress plug-ins downloaded will cause your {{website designer}}’s speed to be drastically slower. The less plug-ins needed, the better. Even with all this said, plug-ins can be the best thing you do for your {{website designer}} or having too many can be the worst thing you do. Simply, just make sure to briefly research whatever plug-in you want to download and activate first. There are several WordPress plug-ins that are essential depending on what kind of site you are building. WordPress will actually recommend the right plug-ins them to you so you can even know which are the most important plug-ins you need.

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Other CMS platforms

WordPress is simply amazing. Not only WordPress, but all CMS platforms. Just because I think WordPress is the best does not discount other CMS platforms like Joomla or Drupal in any way. They are just as strong and valuable as WordPress is and work better for certain people. However, essentially all CMS platforms are all similar to each-other. For SEO, when it comes to WordPress plug-in’s, Yoast SEO is my favorite. It will practically guide you in what you need to do exactly for a better Google ranking.  It is absolutely incredible what WordPress has to off and endless possibilities on building your {{website designer}}.

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