Why is SEO so important

What is SEO

SEO is called Search Engine Optimization. Having SEO included in your website is crucial! What does it even do? SEO is very complicated and always changing. The goal is getting a higher Google ranking to get more traffic to your website.


How do you include SEO?

Including SEO on a WordPress Website is much easier than a custom coded website. The reason is because there are many WordPress plug-ins
that will help guide you on your journey through Search Engine Optimization. Personally, my favorite plug-in for SEO would be the plug-in Yoast SEO. You must be able to make your website viewable and attractive to both the viewer AND the search engine crawlers. When your web design is structured correctly, is important alone. What is EXTREMELY important is to include keyword research before even building your website should be an absolute must. Keyword research is finding the correct demographic and depicted what your website’s purpose is. If it isn’t EXACTLY clear what your website is about then you most likely won’t have much success. Immediately upon opening the website, blog or anything the topic must be very clear. When doing so the search engine crawlers will be able to crawl and using the keyword research should be “liked” by Google. At the same time though, the viewer must know what you are about.


Sadly, I have seen so many website’s where I have no idea what the product or what the website is even about. Me, like most people, will just immediately click the back button and find and use one of your competitors. Obviously you don’t want that to happen. You want that business to come to you, no one else. In order for this to happen SEO must be included. It just may be the most valuable aspect to get your website “out there”. Meaning gaining as much traffic as possible and Google liking what it sees will bring you closer to the top of the search engine results. Keep in mind, no matter how well your SEO is done, time will be the key to success. Nothing will happen over night unfortunately. I hope reading this will help you get some extra traffic. Good luck!

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