Which WordPress hosting web application is best for you?

Where should your WordPress website

There are so many hosting websites out there, and what makes them so great. Actually, hosting a website is way more challenging until you determine which you like the best and use it for all your other websites. Hosting services offer different amounts depending on which package you need. These all offer instant install WordPress Site so all you need to do is pick a paid or free theme and start building your web design. I know, even after all that hard work and time now you have to PAY to host your website online. Fortunately, if you are looking for the best and easiest hosting website needing to pay comes to very little annually. In fact, almost all have free trials so you can see if you want to continue using their services.


Personally I like to use siteground.com because it automatically comes with SEO plugins from your web host. You can create contact forms with ease through all pages on your site. It also comes with important plugin development capabilities if you needed to build an online store. Site ground has a lot to offer. Still, if you want more you pay more for what you are looking for. They always are extremely quick and responsive immediately. They will help you through the process if you are having any issues. In fact, if you give them permission they can do it from their end too! Pretty cool, right?


WordPress Website Hosting
Bluehost.com is another great WordPress developer hosting site. Once you install WordPress you must find a theme. Upon looking there are many free themes  Bluehost was voted the best hosting website for WordPress hosting. This also allows you to have extra security, sub-domains, an SSL (https:// is different than Http://) and secures your website which also can help you rank higher on Google, link building, ranking factors, and keyword research. Bluehost offers 3 different packages however they also will give you one free week. All 3 packages come with the domain name for free which otherwise costs money. Try sticking with .com rather than others, it seems Google likes .com more than the others. Bluehost offers a 30-day money-back guarantee and a FREE domain name for one whole year.
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Another booming hosting website called is hostgator.com which seems to be the #2 most used hosting site according to 500 people being surveyed. After hearing those statistics you immediately think, “Okay so this is what I’m going to use!” They are so confident in their product they offer a 45-day money-back guarantee! Hostgator also gives you for the first year the domain name isn’t something you need to find and buy. In addition, they actually give you credit for advertising! I think that is pretty awesome. They too have many drag-and-drop plug-ins that will make building your WordPress website nice and simple.


godaddy hosting websitePersonally speaking, godaddy.com is the last hosting website I would use, however for MANY people that service works perfectly for them. Every hosting website does not all have the same offers hence why there are different companies battling for most clients. Now don’t get me wrong, I think it is one of the best hosting platforms available today, specifically WordPress. Even if I am not as fond of using this platform because siteground.com is my favorite, this is what many people use as their hosting website. Sometimes people only know of GoDaddy and not any others. GoDaddy is indeed an amazing hosting website and a lot of people’s go-to, specifically beginners.

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