What’s the difference between Front-End and Back-end Development?

What is Front-End Development and Backe-End actually mean. Let me tell you, honestly the first time I heard Front-End Development or Back-End Development I had no clue what they were talking about. The easiest way to explain, (which is how I learned) was the Front-End Developer is for what the viewer sees, UI/UX, Visual Design, and Responsively. Back-End is more along the lines of databases, creating API’s, and computing and storing the logic and information. So what is the difference?front end development vs back end development

Front-End Development

on a front-end developer’s side, usually there must be a certain 3 languages to be proficient with. HTML, CSS and JavaScript. Nowadays’s that is not as common as it used to be. CMS platforms started to take over with now over 40% of the billions of websites are WordPress! A CMS platform other wise know as a Content Management System, seems to be what websites are made from more than ever. As a front-end developer an important thing (which WordPress does automatically), is something called responsivity. To break it down simple, make sure your website can fit any devices screen, small and large. CMS platforms take care of that all for you.

front-end developerThink of wanting to look up a restaurants website before you go, 80% of people check using their cell phones. If your website is not responsive to their screen, they will click the back button instantly for not being viewable via cell phone. Now those same 80% of people either decide to stick with the restaurant or change. Here is an inside tip, if its not responsive, mine as well call it a website no up to par anymore. Anyways my point being, a front-end developer has to make the screen eye catching in order to literally pull the viewer to want to see more and continue.

Back-End Development

back-end development\

Back-End Development is nothing like Front-End Development. When you deal with back-end, their are certain languages that are a must know. To name a couple, PHP, mySQL, Mongo.db and I could just go on. Again however, the CMS programs make that simpler too! Here is an example of that. Say you want a registration form on your website, you could build that using PHP (plus other ways).

backend development

WordPress has pre-made forms for you to use and simply set the Email address to go to! Done, simple as that! Back-End Developers deal with the “behind the scenes” of the website. Search Engine Optimization being one or simply having a database period. Without the back-end, you would have a website that looks great, but does NOTHING. Being a Full-Stack is know bot front and back-end development. Again though, CMS platforms are taking over the website world and soon all websites will be made with if not WordPress, some other CMS program!

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