What is the difference between Divi vs Elementor Page-Builders

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Both Elementor and Divi are different Page-Builders to make your website easier to build and create. Choosing to use Elementor or Divi is completely a personal choice. Since they are both page builders, knowing the differences will allow you to decide what best and easier for you. Elementor is just a WordPress theme however Divi is BOTH a theme and plug-in. One of the biggest differences is the price. There is an Elementor FREE version but of course, with everything regarding WordPress, you get what you pay for. I’ll further explain this later on.


Elementor Page-Builder

Elementor is one of the top two page-builders for WordPress. What makes Elementor so great? First of all, it automatically comes with over 300 website templates and over 90 pre-made re-design. One of the main differences is how it will affect the speed on your website. Also, Elementor may a little glitchy or lagging a little bit more. However, none of that comes down to what they are. Elementor has a “pro” version, (as does Divi) which will allow you to have a whole bunch of freedom to create your website. What do I mean by that? Allow me to explain further by using Elementor and its perks. Actually, Elementor was already an exploding page-builder for years before Divi came into the picture. Basically, Divi was created after Elementor was created. Essentially, a page-builder, Elementor, or Divi, allows you to make your own theme through drag and drop.


Divi Page-Builder

Now to the Divi page-builder! It also is a drag and drop builder. Now, of course, as with almost all WordPress themes, are responsive. Dive Theme also automatically comes responsive! You are even able to customize to the point of whether you want something to show on a laptop, iPad, or iPhone or not, you can decide! That alone is pretty incredible I’d say. Divi also is very affordable especially for what it is capable of! For ONE single membership, you get unlimited sites, using that as ONLY one example. Because there are so many pre-made templates, anyone especially beginners will have so many options to choose from. You will be able to make the website faster and more efficiently with Divi.

Personally, I use Elementor, much more than Divi mainly because of just how easy it is to make exactly what you picture in your mind. I have been able to create, customize, stay up-to-date (tech is changing everyday) and I find it easier to use then Divi. Probably, that is only because I use Elementor on almost any website I build and have NEVER had one complaint or random errors occur. With all this being said, the choice is yours. I would suggest looking at both websites and choosing what you think would be best for your website and theme!

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