What is Black Hat Hacking vs. White Hat Hacking

Black Hat Hacking

Many of you may not have even heard of “black hat hacking” or “white hat hacking“. I for one had no clue for honestly a couple years into working what that even meant. Considering you have read my blog posts prior, you know I like to keep things nice, simple, and easy. Now with that being said, what is black hat hacking already!? First off, it is ILLEGAL. There are several things that can include black hacking. Trying to breach security protocols, creating malware, and has extensive knowledge on how to “beat” Google is considered black hats.

black hat hacking

“Keyword stuffing” is the perfect example. That means, consistently including what your topic or subject word is. Here’s an example: You make a website and your specialty is WordPress. What a black hat hacker would do to keyword stuff is simply put in the word WordPress a million times. Simply, this is only one specific example regarding how individuals can do to try and beat Google. Sorry, Google has only gotten smarter and smarter and websites now with keyword stuffing are not on the good list with Google. Google has gotten smarter and only continues to get smarter and smarter!

New algorithms consistently changing the SEO of a website. Keyword stuffing will now only hurt your page rank. The only true way to have a high Google ranking is for continuous crawling and indexing you to increase your page rank.

White Hat Hacking

white hat

Now we come to White Hat Hacking. What is it? Security researchers or cyber-security experts look for ways to possibly breach into your site is considered a White hat hacker. It is not illegal. They are simply looking for ways someone can breach into your website. They discover backdoors where there are possible backdoors into your website. At that point, the vendor can choose to get it patched. White hats are in the higher pay range in the tech field. Concluding, black hat is ILLEGAL and white hats find where a black hat hacker may get into your website.

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