What is a Blog?

What is a blog? I am sure most reader’s think all you need to do is simply put in a picture and write about your subject. I used to even think that! That is until the first time I tried to write a blog. It was a complete and udder disaster. I couldn’t understand that there has to be a certain concept and structure behind the blog. Especially if you want SEO involved with it which is a definitely a MUST. As I began my journey on my previous blogging, I would learn more every time I would write one. I would become more educated by researching what the blog is about and more in depth than I knew prior. Everyone should have some niche that they write about. If you wanted to look, there is a blog for anything you can think of! For me, I like the tech niche specifically WordPress and SEO (Search Engine Optimization).

build a website

To begin blogging you need to research your keywords (the main topic) for Google to index or read your article. That alone will take some time. You need to make a layout of your blog. When I write a blog I have already done my research and than put it on paper. I make a web on the paper and bullet points of what you are going to go over in your blog. At that point I look for UNCOPYWRITTEN pictures to go with my blog. Pictures or any type of media is essential to make a blog that attract both, Google and the human eye”. Underneath the picture sort of speak there is code to insert to increase your SEO. It is call the “alt” text. Alt simply means alternate. In other words, it allows Google to know what the  picture is and you are attracted to the blog. Incase your picture may not render correctly, than your alt text will show instead. Make sure any media used is to be relevant towards your blog’s subject. If you put just any picture it may make no sense at all about what you are blogging about to both again, Google and the viewer.

So I guess now I’ve gotten the point across that blogging is a lot more then simply writing a bunch of words!

How do I get other people to read my blog?

Now getting people to actually read your blog is a whole other story. That is when that structure I was talking about comes into play. The better Google “views” it, you will begin to get viewers. Now what I’m about to say is a must. QUALITY OVER QUANTITY. Incase you didn’t see that, make sure you blog has quality content rather than just wanted to write a whole bunch of blogs at once so only half-assing there posts. Never do this, it looks bad on you and Google won’t like it much either. In fact, you can be demoted if Google doesn’t “like” your site. analytics

With all this being said, get ready to start your own blog! How exciting!! Now with using whatever platform you have, you now know how to blog! Start with your research and write a blog. If it takes longer because you are making the quality better, thats okay. The more blogs that you write the better you will become. Soon you can have your own blog with thousands of viewers!

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