What and how web crawling works

What is a Web Crawler?

Web crawling is inevitably going to bring your {{website designer}} to a higher ranking on Google. That is of course, only if you are not blocking your {{website designer}}! Web crawlers are also referred to as a “spider” or a “bot”. google web crawlerWhy does there need to be a spider going into my {{website designer}}? What the heck does that even mean? I’ve been there so allow me to share that they are used simply to index your {{website designer}}. Indexing includes the web crawler to access that page and analyze is for both the human eye and the google search engine.

This makes you think differently, the first time I heard this I was in deep thought. When you create a {{website designer}}, blog post, blog page, or ANYTHING else on the internet both the bots and the humans needs to be able to read and understand what that may be.

Now there is a difference between a google bot and your page being indexed. Google bot simply retrieves information from the BILLIONS of sites. At that point, the indexing comes into play. Again, first and foremost, MAKE SURE GOOGLE BOT CAN ACCESS YOUR SITE. If Google bot can’t access your {{website designer}} then there will be no information being retrieved therefore you won’t even show up during the indexing.

google bot

When pages are indexed, they basically get ranked from what all the google bots liked the most and which they liked the least. This is possibly one of the most important things I can tell you, make sure your sites are not being blocked by all the bots. If not it is pretty much pointless to try to build yourself up on Google rank.

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