Web Design tips on how to build a website

How to build a website

Being a WordPress beginner is very challenging, intimidating, and frustrating at times. Creating a Website Design has many parts to it. From the color scheme to the way you write your content. Including pictures into your website’s design is an absolute must. Pictures will both help tell the computer and the reader what the concept is for google to index it.

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The most important thing of all is that the website is optimized and quick. Face it, we have all gone to a web page and it took too long to load and we just pushed the back button. A few ways to increase the speed of your website is to delete any unused plugins. All that does is take up space and make your site load slower. Also, minifying your code such as the CSS alone will strengthen your website. Having the correct web hosting site has a huge role to play as well. Personally, I always use siteground.comUsing siteground as my hosting company has plug-ins included optimizing the website already. I would highly check out siteground if you are about to build a website, I have not ever had one problem, and if I did they respond instantly and step by step direct you on how to fix the issue.

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In order to even start the process of building a website, there are certain things you must do first.  The speed of your site highly depends on how you rank higher in Google’s ranking. Now two things that are mandatory for the viewers are to be very clear on the topic or niche as well as Google’s web crawlers. Simply put, web crawlers MUST index your site (see what the topic is) in order for you to show up with the search engine.

Web Design Concept

The next tip for any beginner would be choosing the right color scheme and typography to use throughout the website. You want the viewers to WANT to read more so it must attract their attention and pull their eyes to the screen. There are 7 types of color schemes in which are used. I will go over those in another blog.

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The structure of the website is extremely important! Things such as the media (pictures and videos) are clear and do not slow down your website. In order for Google to rank higher. No matter how good your SEO may be, it will still take time to show up for Google’s algorithms to “see” and rank your page higher. Obviously the higher your page ranks the more traffic you will receive. In fact, unless you get a minimum of 100 views per month you will barely be a blip on Google’s radar!


Having a website that is responsive in today’s time is crucial. Over 85% of people surveyed use their smartphones or iPad more than their desktop or laptop. That being said, when you build your website it MUST be able to be seen and still look attractive on all devices no matter the size. Without a responsive website, you are going to have most people push the back button and look elsewhere. Therefore, having responsivity is absolutely a must.

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