The Process of Creating a Website

How to create a website

How to create a website

When it comes to creating a website, there are many processes involved. When you construct a website you have certain things done before you even start building your own website. For one example, writing a layout of the website and competitors before you even begin. There are several steps involved with creating a website to attract customers (traffic) and to customize and design the website fairly easier to build. If you understand the following 8 steps, you are on your way to rank higher with google ranking. It is very important to search engines to be able to be indexed in google ranking so the search engine is able to process what your website’s purpose is. WordPress may have started out as a blogging platform but has completely changed the way of website design! It now can build full websites and an unbelievable amount. In fact, most websites online today out of the BILLIONS are WordPress websites yet Web Designers may claim they know what they are doing but the proof is in the work!

Guide to Building a Website

Where do I start?

how to create a website

The first thing you want to do when you want to create your own website, is to know what domain name your want? The hosting website (WordPress #1 Hosting is and Domain is number one. Usually, depending on your hosting provider you will get the first year free for your domain name. What is a domain name you may be asking? All the domain name is what you type into the search bar as the URL of your website. For example, My domain name (URL) is Choosing your domain name and hosting site is just as important and the site itself. is the best-rated WordPress hosting website rated 9.8 out of 10!! For the best optimization and WordPress Plug-Ins.

Make sure to Do Your Homework

Detecting Competitor's Keywords

You MUST make sure you find out who your main competitors are. You MUST use their knowledge against them! Let’s find out what keywords they have chosen. Not only do we get to know what the competition’s strengths are, so let us use his weaknesses against him. Let us become detectives! it should take anywhere for 2-4 weeks to simply have the planned out and that is not building your website at all, knowledge instead! You should have everything written (yes I know guys, pen, and paper!)) in a way that looks and makes sense most to you. Allow me to explain further. At this point, you have your topic. We create a web design and physically draw lines from there and so on. If writing it differently, vertically or what graph that makes sense to you all gets across the same point. The topic, sub-topic if there is one, what keywords to use (upon completing the keyword research), and ready to get onto the computer now! At the point, you know what you will be writing and developing a website around the keyword research and trends. Read the following blog and see how to apply what you’ve learned into creating an eye-popping and creative website with search engine optimization!

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