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Have you ever wanted to make a blog of your own? Here is how it works!

how to start a blog


Which Platform should you use?

The first thing you need to do before anything is deciding what platform you would want your blog. Allow me to explain a little further. There are many different companies and CMS (Content Management System) platforms that you must decide which would best suit your needs. Personally, I think WordPress is the best CMS by far. I believe in which IS different then is the best platform to blog on. Once you have decided on the platform it is time to start blogging! It can be that simple. Of course. WordPress may not be best for just anyone . Especially when you are a beginner because this more difficult than other programs such as or are just (drag and drop) it is very simple, quick and easy. 

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Once you have discovered which platform you want to use it’s time to start blogging. Now many you make think, “Really? How hard is writing to write a blog”. Well if you are not looking for any optimization or getting anybody to read your hard work or traffic coming to your site, then simply ignore anything I am going to discuss Blogging SEO. As for the rest of all, you reading this, I’m going to tell you some inside secrets on how to implement SEO with your Blog. There are many different algorithms and types of SEO. For example, a business owner just opened up and only wants to cater to his local area. That is called Local SEO. I am not going to be writing in this article about any SEO except blog SEO and get people to see what you are blogging.

What a blog is made of

It is important for you to find a specific niche so our demographics can be narrowed down and be able to find your main competitors. At that point, we use certain WordPress Plug-ins and analyze your entire website including the traffic. You will be able to see the exact amount of your views on your site, which pages, how long on each page, back-links, organic views plus so much more!

Now it is time to prove you have the knowledge of what you want to write about. For this, I’m going to use a restaurant as an example. That would mean your niche is regarding quality food and hospitality. Now using what your niche is, you write your blog in that specific area. (i.e. a write a blog on “Why hospitality is the most important skill in the restaurant business)analytics on laptopUsing that as the example you can see they can blog about anything regarding there food and competitors and so on. Doing this will bring more traffic to your website, therefore, increasing your business’s profits. I mean who doesn’t want more money!

NOW it is time to put your fingers to work. A must-have in any and every blog post needs media. You may ask, Why is that so important. In fact, there are several reasons why this could make or break indexing your blog. The first reason being the page just looks boring so who wants to read just a bunch of words. No, adding pictures and/or videos will capture the eye of the viewers. That is the whole goal is for people to have their eyes peeled to the screen. The second reason having is to absolutely have Google understand what the article is about which is why writing a blog is a lot more than anyone realizes when they decide they want a blog. Web Crawling and getting your website indexed allows Google to analyze the blog/page and certain procedures to want Google to move up in rank. Thanks for reading my blog and I hope it helps someone. Please leave any suggestions on what they need to learn, feel free to comment.

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