Local SEO Algorithm

Google is actually much smarter than a majority of people don’t even can comprehend, especially the SEO! Every search engine uses its own algorithms in fact. Google may be the most used search engine in the world but there are still others such as bing.com, yaGoogle SEOhoo.com, aol.com, etc. many people still use it! So to stick with Goggle’s algorithms, there are different ones used still. Local SEO (Search Engine Optimization) uses one called “Penguin“. What determines how you rank on Google? Well PageRank which was named after one of the founders of Google, Larry Page. The brilliant program measures the importance of websites and determines where they rank. There are many things that Google looks for and things that Google will actually dock you and lower your page rank. To name a few good practices for Local SEO would consist of having your website have ALL relevant content, (i.e. images and text). You want Google to fully understand what your website is about. Having duplicate content is something that will hurt your ranking, more importantly having a poor format like grammar, unrelated content, distracting images, and so on are detrimental.

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