Linking an external page to the WordPress Header

How to Link an external page into your wordPress header

When I first began to learn WordPress I already had a website but it was made using .HTML instead of WordPress. I would try to add a page (via WordPress) but get so frustrated when I couldn’t link my blog to my website. I would become so frustrated and would begin working on another task. I didn’t realize how easy it really is adding an external link into your header. 

Adding your external .HTML page

When I would try to figure it out, Google is always my go-to. It is the most used search engine today. This is what Google told me on how to be able to link out to another site. I still couldn’t figure it out, so don’t worry follow this and it will be broken down step by step.

What to do?

First things first, sign in to your WordPress website using your “wp-admin”. When you are onto your dashboard and on the left side you will click on appearance tab. See so far quite simple. Now after clicking appearance, the submenu will have a “menus” option.

This here on the left is what your screen should look like. After this step you are practically done already! The last thing you are going to need to do is click on custom links (a new widget) and where it asks for the URL simply type in what page you are trying to link it to. DONE! How easy was that? I wasted soooo much time because “I wanted to figure it out” instead of simply asking Google.” When I finally said to myself I’m going to go insane unless I ask Google, and instantly I knew. I was so happy to finally get the header over with. If only I checked Google in the beginning I would have avoided my frustration and know how to have it done.

WA LA it is done. you see how easy and simply this truly is and all I needed to do is ask Google! That was a big learning lesson including figuring out how to do this. I’m sure many beginners find it hard or complicated; it is as simple as following those 3 steps and it will be completed. You could do this with any page you need to link outside of WordPress! Done. Simple. Easy!

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