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WordPress Plugins

WordPress is beyond what your imagination can even bring you. I’m going to share some actual really cool facts about WordPress. Have you ever sat down and thought, “What is so special or what are its limitations maybe?” There are absolutely NO limitations with the immense amount of themes and plug-ins that are available. A WordPress developer should know what plugins are worthwhile and appropriate for your {{website designer}} design. This way, we can prevent more unexpected bugs using the correct ones.

WordPress Plug-Ins

WARNING plug-ins may be the biggest reason for a {{website designer}} breaking. There may be plug-ins that are straight malicious attacks. When downloading a plugin, you must review if it is compatible THAN download it. Downloading the wrong plug-ins can cause many bad things to happen. The worst-case scenario is the entire {{website designer}} breaks. Don’t get alarmed yet. That is what we have sitemaps for and back-ups/restores. Incase anything may go wrong, but you can always pull up your previous restore.
Now let me share just a few statistics with you below.

WordPress Facts

Different WordPress plug-ins

Let me start by saying this astronomical number 50,000, are the number of plug-ins available as of today. More are coming every day, some good some bad. When I saw this following fact I was quite shocked in fact, WordPress is 17 YEARS OLD! That means it was built in 2003. Wow, how time flies! Here I’m going to bullet point some awesome things to check out

  • How many versions of WordPress has there been is its first arrival? 419!!
  • How many lines of code written for simply getting WordPress set-up?
    Over 346,000 lines of code!!! 20% of which is all JavaScript
  • WordPress is open-source which means anyone can contribute!
  • Over 28 MILLION WordPress powered blog and drastically growing.
  • WordPress is older than both and Facebook and Twitter!
  • WordPress is an open source which means there is no CEO or even owned by any company!
  • WordPress has nearly 1.5 BILLION plug-ins. Unbelievable!
  • There are 50,000 different FREE themes to use
  • WordPress is around the globe and has available 68+ languages!!

These are merely a few facts of WordPress! There is so much involved and going on at the same time on WordPress yet manages to have 1.5 billion plug-ins. Just think about what other possibilities WordPress has available to use. This is why WordPress is my absolute favorite program. I’ll take WordPress over ANY other kind of {{website designer}}’s built. Subscribe now and continue learning about WordPress!

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