How to Use WordPress

How to you use WordPress?

How do you use WordPress? Fun fact first! Over 35% of all websites are constructed and made by WordPress. WordPress made websites are continuing to grow rapidly with no signs of slowing down. Can you believe out of the hundreds of millions or even billions of websites are now WordPress. Not only do they create websites, but you can also customize it to exactly what you picture in your mind. WordPress can look overwhelming the first time you open up that dashboard. I know I sure didn’t and was confused completely on what to even do from there. I personally grew to love WordPress. Now when opening the dashboard I know exactly what to do including plug-ins


WordPress Security

WordPress Plug-Ins

These are a content management system made up of thousands of PHP files. Now, if WordPress isn’t incredible enough, the plug-ins will show you the true power of the CMS (Content Management System). What is a plug-in you are probably thinking when you hear this for the first time? Pretty much, they are programs made for the purpose of what your website is about and customize it to the max. Have full control. WordPress Plug-Ins could be the most amazing part of WordPress, however, it can also be the worst thing if you aren’t sure how they are used. Because WordPress is open-source, meaning anyone can help contribute, create new plug-ins, themes, etc. to it. When you build a website using WordPress it should make your website completely responsive (Extremely Important!).

WordPress Themes

Themes are incredible. What is the theme? A theme is a style and layout that you want your website to look like. There are both paid themes and free themes. In my opinion here, it is DEFINITELY worth it to spend the money for a paid theme. Generally, they are not expensive, but the word free is always my favorite! Unfortunately, when you are building a website and want to use a free theme, you will have very little customization ability and no “WordPress perks”. You get what you pay for is what I’m trying to get across. Now you have found what theme you want to choose! Upload it to WordPress and upload your theme into it. Now after following a few prompts you are at the dashboard! Now you have your theme uploaded and ready for customization!

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