How to get Backlinks

What are Backlinks?

If you are not familiar with SEO at all then a “backlink” is not something you would quite understand. Let me explain this as simple as it gets, your website links to another website which Google will than see. Allow me to preface with this, only get QUALITY BACKLINKS! What is a quality backlink? It means that determining where or who you may get your backlinking from, MUST be a reputable with a  higher authority.

high quality backlinks

High Quality Backlinks

There is a major importance on where your backlink comes from. The #1 highest authority Backlink is actually Wikipedia! I will explain a couple ways that you could POSSIBLY get your website link. With that website, it is ran by an authorized user to actually even have you add an addition on a page relating to your subject of course. In SEO terms it is an external link targeting your keywords and topic.  Now people also can find a black hat hacker to find where to beat Google’s algorithm. Currently Penguin is the algorithm Google uses. Anyways, black hat is not legal first of all and when it comes to Google it is a big problem. Google will eventually find the loophole your black hatter did to spike your SEO. Google now finds out, after all Google is getting smarter every day. At the time you are caught your website ranking will drop. You will be “docked” by Google to the MAX. Learning to correctly (white hat) optimize your website, keyword research, indexing, structure and how Google is going to like and increase your Google Ranking.Quality Backlinks

Top quality websites

As I’ve been explaining, having quality links are better than having a bunch of link but not linked to a highly authorized backlink. You need to evaluate whether or not it is a quality backlink. In fact, the highest quality backlink you can have is Wikipedia due to the amount of traffic. Here are a few smart ideas to get some backlinks.

  • Guest Blogging
  • Broken Link Building
  • Find Competitors Keywords
  • Keyword Research

To break this down a little easier, Guest Blogging is just blogging on an external site, not yours. When I say Broken Link Building it is a much more common occurrence than it should. For example, again your reading about something in your niche on Wikipedia you may find that there may be links that are “broken” which you can “steal” and create content. Keep in mind though, anything through Wikipedia needs approval before publishing.


Finding Competitors Keywords is one of the most strategic ways to optimize your website. First, you find who your to 10 competitors are find out what keywords they are using. There are programs for all of this. Upon finding your competitors keywords, now its time to beat them. Make your website have better content, better media, more attractive, optimized, no broken links, basically you need to beat their website. Of course nothing happens overnight, and that especially comes to your website. Yes you may be doing everything correct giving you an upper hand but all in all time is the key component making sure your website is optimized to the max. I have only touched the tip of the ice berg, however know you have some knowledge on where to begin!

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