How do eCommerce and Restaurant Website’s relate to each other?

How do eCommerce and Restaurant Websites relate to Each other?

When you think, “What does a restaurant’s website have anything to do with an {{website designer}}”, probably most people’s mind will immediately go blank. When you think about it, actually it’s quite simple. Restaurants now-a-days need online ordering available on their websites, otherwise you are missing out on LOTS of money. That shows an {{website designer}} is simply a website on which people purchase your items. This is also known as WooCommerce. So, when you think about that question now, it seems pretty obvious that all restaurants need to stay up-to-date with today’s time and need online ordering. Having your menu, in sub-sections, on your website customers can usually click to order. Essentially, it is Grubhub on your website.


What is WooCommerce?

Now taking what I’ve just said and relating the two, a {{website designer}} can sell items through the restaurants menu. eCommerce is also known as WooCommerce. It means the same thing as eCommerce websites. With WooCommerce anything is possible! I’ll give you the perfect example. Because of Covid-19, EVERYONE is trying to start their own fashion brand. All different types of masks are available. Actually, there are more masks sold online than there are in stores! Even “the guy next door” may be trying to be try to start their own fashion business because they have their own masks they are trying sell.


Why a Modern Design is a Necessity

Of course all restaurant owners want to be as profitable as possible. In order for that to happen, your website MUST a eye catching and clearly modern and not confusing. In fact, 89% of people check a restaurants website before choosing whether or not they want to eat there. That means that every 89 out of 100 people decide what restaurant to eat at just by their website! Therefore, it is MANDATORY for a modern website. Most likely, if your website looks terrible, you will not be getting nearly as much business as your competitors.

Where Do You Start? 

Now the first step always is to start off with research. You want to look at their website. Know what design you want to use by going onto your competitors websites and see how theirs look. Doing this will allow you to put together the design you want your website to look like. Still, not done with your research yet! You need to see what keywords that they implemented into their website so you know how to write your content. Only than is when you actually start to build your website. From there, all things are possible and customized exactly to your liking and expectations.

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