How do you get a higher Google ranking?

Increase Your Google Ranking

The first thing I’m going to say is TIME. I don’t care if you have the top SEO Expert in the world, it takes time for your Google Ranking to increase. Google to crawl your website and doesn’t go to the top the next day because “You did everything it say’s”. I’m sorry, doesn’t work like that with Google’s algorithms. If it were that easy, wouldn’t it work for everyone? No, it takes time and patience with quality work. Now with that being said, there are ways that can make your Google Rank get closer and closer to the top. Again, I say, with TIME. Nothing good happens overnight, well rarely at least. So what can you do to start the journey on how to improve your Google Rankings.

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The Inside Tips

Now for Google to really like you there are of course certain necessities. Most obvious of them, your website’s SPEED must be optimized. This will really affect your Google Rank. There are some excellent WordPress Plug-Ins that will help guide you in the right direction. In order for your website to rank on Google’s search engine optimization is an obvious must. Some simple things to do consist of compressing your files, images, videos, and all media/files create into a .gzip. You can go right onto, you can get an advanced look into just how to optimize your individual website. The next tip I’ll share with you is not only that speed is CRUCIAL, but the structure, plan of action, strategy are other big factors.

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What is next!?

Another BIG must is making sure you do not have any broken links. Even if you or the viewer may not be able to see the broken link, but I promise you Google will definitely see it; and you will certainly hurt your page rank.

Using will check and be sure if you have any broken links. A 404 error means that the page does not exist. So what do you expect the crawler to do, it isn’t good. Using the w3 validator it will show other options to help increase your webpage. There is way too many things to go over in a single blog post but try starting with this and your keyword research. When you have this all up and going, a quick website, no broken link, having an anchor tag for each page. You’re ready to move on and see what is next.

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