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What is a Front-end Developer do?

Front-End Developer

When I talk about Front-End Development you may say what are you even talking about? Doesn’t someone who builds a website just knows how to make it. Front-End Developers make that website attractive and responsive. When you are talking about a website being built, there are two types of coding developers. Front-End and Back-End Developers are COMPLETELY different! Back-End developers are skilled with databases and with the server-side web application. Here is that incredible part, WordPress takes care of both at once! Certain WordPress Plug-Ins can make any type of website with complete customization.

WordPress Design and development

Front-End Languages

Now, people may have heard of WordPress but do not know what it is still. WordPress is a powerful software constructed called a CMS (Content Management System). What the heck is that you may ask? To make it as simple as it comes, the program allows us to create and design a website without writing all custom code. Truly is amazing! Below I explain more of what a Front-End Developers job consists of.

Front-End Developers Responsibilities

front end vs back end development

A Front-End Developer is responsible for what you visually see on the website. HTML, CSS, and JavaScript are the key languages a Front-End Developer should know proficiently. Responsivity (visible on any sized screen), the color schemes used, and the actual design of the website all are part of what a front-end developer will be working on. It is extremely important for a Front-End Developer to include. Without a website being attractive on all devices mine as well just get rid of it. To date, 85% of people are using their cell phones to go onto a website before/if using a laptop before their cell phones! How crazy is that? Technology is everywhere and shows no signs of slowing down.

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