5 Best WordPress Plug-Ins

5 essential WordPress Plug-ins

As of 2020, there are 1.5 BILLION WordPress Design Plug-Ins and 50,000 free plug-ins! That’s an astronomical amount which leaves people to not be sure what are the most beneficial ones. Of course, seeing so many Plug-ins can be very overwhelming. WordPress is a very powerful program called a Content Management System (CMS). WordPress and Drupal are 2 CMS programs that allow anyone to build a {{website designer}} without needing custom code. This creates websites in an easier manner including optimization, speed of you’re site, or anything you are looking for. The first essential plug-in for WordPress is always applying is Yoast SEO.

WordPress Plug-in


 Yoast SEO

This program essentially does the SEO for you. Downloading this plug-in will explain what to do to make better {{website designer}}, Speed, what needs changing, and what is the correct form of SEO. Not only does it explain step by step what needs changing or what doesn’t need changing, but Yoast SEO also gives you an option to look for keywords and find the correct ones to use as well as explaining how. This personally is my favorite SEO plug-in and would highly recommend it to anyone needing help with their SEO



Woo Commerce Marketplace

The next WordPress plug-in that is essential is Woo Commerce. This is an app for any business selling their products online. This allows eCommerce websites to be done much easier and quicker. In fact, out of the top 1 million top eCommerce websites in 2019, 22% of them were made using Woo Commerce! I know that is unbelievable! Woo commerce has well over 1,000 plug-ins with nearly 500 extensions! If someone needs a {{website designer}} designed to sell your items, this is would be the first plug-in I would download!



Akismet is another WordPress plug-in that should get downloaded immediately. In a nutshell, Akismet prevents spam that would normally show up on your blog. Once this plug-in is downloaded it will even show you all of the stats including how many are blocked. Even still, once your blog begins to grow and get more viewers, there could be as much as 85% is blocked spam comments! Therefore, this is definitely a must-have WordPress plug-in!



Many people ask, What the heck is “JetPack?!” Well, it’s only another one of all the most useful plug-ins. Jetpack is extremely incredible. Jetpack will secure your {{website designer}} and stop brute force attacks. In WordPress, the more plug-ins the more vulnerable your site becomes. Thanks to Jetpack keeps my site safe and secure so I don’t have to worry if my site will be hacked into. Jetpack is a WordPress plug-in you must connect to your WordPress site immediately afterward activating it. Jetpack includes being able to make backups for your {{website designer}}. This means if something somehow changes your blog, you can just open your backup and it will be restored immediately. You won’t ever have to worry about losing all your hard work. Here is the best part, IT IS FREE! Now who doesn’t like something free. Especially something as amazing as Jetpack!

Google Analytics

Google Analytics

Google Analytics is an absolute must-have. The speed of a {{website designer}} is one of the most important things when it comes to any {{website designer}}. It is used and beneficial in MANY ways, especially the speed of your {{website designer}}. Actually, if your {{website designer}} does not load in approximately 2-4 seconds, the user will push the back button and your site won’t be viewed. Even Google web crawlers may doc you for having a slow {{website designer}} and you get pushed back down on the page rank on the search engine. It gives you the opportunity to see in real-time how many views you have, what page was stayed on longest plus SO much more. Having this knowledge allows us to see what is slowing down the {{website designer}} or determine what needs to be fixed to increase traffic. Having Google analytics will show you exactly what you need to do and whereas to bring more traffic to your {{website designer}}!

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