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If you are looking for a WordPress Specialist, or a Professional Web Designer located in New Jersey you can stop your search now. I, Daniel Merkin, am a Professional Web Designer and WordPress Specialist to customize a website exactly as needed. I am a WordPress Specialist in New Jersey and I help you attack your competitors.

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As a freelance web designer, having a strategic approach for your Search Engine Optimization plan in order to get a higher google ranking is a must. You can now stop your search, you are at the perfect website! I will create you an Affordable professional Web Design no matter where you are located, not only NJ. Due to the state of the country, in fact the whole globe, I want to be able to help small businesses get back on there feet through an affordable website or even just a “tune up”.  

Website Designer | WordPress Specialist

Being a Freelance Web Designer and WordPress Specialist I truly am lucky and love my work. Located in New Jersey but free to work from my computer remote, was always a dream. I am now working remotely however being located in NJ, remote means I can work anywhere! To start, what is Search Engine Optimization? It may be one of the most important and crucial things you can ever do for your website. WordPress plug-ins can help guide even beginners on what and how to optimize your website. Being a WordPress Specialist is exciting because there are always new challenges that will arise.

Freelance Web Designer and WordPress Design and development

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Now, people may have heard of WordPress Web Design but do not know what it even is! WordPress is a powerful software constructed called a CMS (Content Management System). What the heck is that you may ask? To make it as simple as it comes, this program allows  me to create and design a website without writing all custom code. Truly is amazing! I am a  hard-worker that LOVES what I do. I am strictly located in New Jersey and here for your needs.

High Tech Devs

Every individual project is different. Depending on what kind (eCommerce, customization, SEO etc..). It’s very hard to say. The best estimate is for a BASIC WordPress website to be roughly $1,000.

Absolutely not. There are other platforms such as Wix, Weebly and others however none of them are nearly as good as using WordPress.

In WordPress it can be as simple as pressing a button. Go to “all pages” and than click create new and start creating!

As always, every project is individual. There are all kinds of themes. There are free themes vs. paid themes. Personally, X-Theme is my favorite theme to use.

WooCommerce is simply making your WordPress website into an eCommerce site. This allows you to have members and create ways of payment. This will allow you to have everything you need to make an eCommerce at your fingertips!

There are thousands of different plug-ins developed for WordPress. Using the right WordPress plug-in, your website will be protected from anything from spam to malware.

An .xml page is a file extension known as Extensible Markup Location. A .xml page is what to use while building a sitemap to store all kinds of data.

You decide. Yup, it’s your decision. When maintaining a website you must host your website. If you would like to “take it from there” after the project is totally up to you. If you decide you do not have enough time or knowledge on how to host and maintain your website, I will gladly do it for you!

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Responsive Design
Front-End Development
WordPress Plug-Ins
Search Engine Optimization
Web Designer

High Tech Devs utilizes the latest technologies for a  freelance web designer to stay up to date centered from New Jersey all new updates. This especially makes it much MUCH easier. As a freelance web designer, I will create a sleek and modern website for you with a plan  ready to overpower your competitors. We will find out crucial information about your competition, located in New Jersey or not.

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In fact, did you know that out of the billions of websites available online, over 35% are WordPress built websites! That is an astronomical amount in comparison to the number of websites online today, and it’s only growing. I will create a 100% customized website design for you. Now, every website is for a specific demographic. For example, you might want to target people between the age range of 20-50, or have a specific radius of 100 miles in New Jersey. Therefore, each and every website MUST be individualized and customized.  



A POWERFUL CMS system that allows people to create websites, customize, and design all without needed to know how to write custom code!

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Being able to see who is looking at your website. Seeing how many total views, views per page, how long they spend on your website etc..

Web Design

Attractive Website Design

I take the necessary time and effort to make sure your website is completed to perfection according to your exact needs. As a freelance web designer, I understand what it takes for you website that will "POP" to give you that competitive edge.


Clean Coding

I make sure to organize code properly so it's quick and easy to make routine changes. This allows me to update information fast when it's most important to you.

responsive design


In today's world, have a responsive website is a must. Simply, responsivity means I will make your website viewable from any device including laptops, iPads, and iPhones.

search engine optimization


Search Engine Optimization is when you specifically create the website to get more traffic. The better optimization, the more likely your website will show up closer to the top on Google Ranking.

How does High Tech Devs Show you to Google

The absolute first thing to do when beginning to design a website is to actually have a written down plan to discover what kind of strategy is strongest. I have always learned from my own mistakes! Centered in New Jersey I work for anyone anywhere because it is working remotely.  

responsive wordpress design

Doing keyword research is the first thing to do and most important thing you will do. You will want to be as specific and direct as possible. For example, NJ SEO SPECIALIST would be specific. You must stay within your demographics! You will find your niche and finding your biggest competitors and keywords they use. There is more to simply having keywords for Google to index your website and learn what your website is about. In certain terms, being a Freelance Web Designer must keep your website to be indexed (website crawling) by google and create an attractive website that pulls in the human eye. Doing so will bring progressively more traffic to your website. In the end, you will inevitably begin increasing your income and volume!

Process of building your WordPress website

Strategize and Plan

Finding what keywords to use and what your competitor's are using is essential. I create a strategized plan for you business' website.

Create and Design

After knowing how we are going to design the website and what strategy to use, the creation begins!


After any revisions needed, the website for you is completed! The only thing left now is deploying the website and getting it online!

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