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Restaurant-Focused Design

A modern, well-designed website is ESSENTIAL to your restaurant's success in the modern age. Studies have found that 75% of users admitted to judging a business' credibility based on its website. Additionally, 94% of users' first impressions of a site are design-related. Fortunately, at High Tech we are committed to creating beautiful, sleek web pages that attract customers and skyrocket your credibility.

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Mobile Development

A recent study concluded that over 80% of people research a restaurant online after it is recommended to them. For most people, this means pulling out their smartphone and searching for the restaurant's website. If the website is not specifically designed to work on mobile devices, their opinion of the restaurant will be drastically lowered. At High Tech, we create custom designs that are coded to look great on all devices! Using specific strategies and cleanly written code, your website will also be easier to find on search engines like Google, leading to more business for you!

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Do you know that the Internet contributes to over $2.2 trillion in annual retail sales? High Tech will develop a customized e-commerce site accessible world wide. This is imperative considering China's e-commerce economy is worth over $565 billion alone. Over 75% of people believe they will receive better deals buying products online and over 80% of people have bought products online. High Tech will analyze statistics about your site and find what can be improved and where customers most frequently visit in order to generate more online sales.

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